Juice Plus

I had been in the legal field for over 30 years and was really good at being an employee.

What I didnt like was that there was no room for growth and no security for my future. When I found The Juice Plus Company, I saw the opportunity to become the person I always wanted to be with time and financial freedom.

Today, I am finding my "voice" and enjoying the personal growth and striving to live my dream. And my favorite part is that I get to build my business along side my best friends and together we are creating the life of our dreams!

So what do I do? I help people eat more fruits and veggies by growing their own produce in our aeroponic growing system, the Tower Garden and for those that aren't gardeners, we grow the fruits and veggies for you and pick them at the peak of ripeness, remove the water, dry them and put them in a capsule or our soft chewable.

By adding our delicious protein shake, you are eating over 40 plants every day. Juice Plus - the most thoroughly researched nutritional brand product in the world.

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