Mystic Mona is your best choice for that next party, special event, trade show or VIP gathering. She will draw prospects to your trade show booth like no other entertainer...allowing you to interact with the people lined up for a mini reading with her.

Mona Van Joseph knew at a very young age that she could pick up energies about people. She learned first how to read tea leaves and was able to focus her intuition at age 15. Shortly after, she learned how to read Tarot and is now considered among the top Tarot intuitive readers in Las Vegas. She is considered the Official Psychic of Las Vegas because of her charity work with HELP of Southern Nevada and The Poppy Foundation.

She hosts the syndicated Psychic View radio program weekly where she addresses caller's questions. The program is recorded live every Sunday at 9AM (Pacific Time). She's been featured on the local Fox 5, ABC & NBC affiliates as well as on the popular reality series, Sister Wives.

She's the creator of the Dice Wisdom app for iPhone and Android as well as the book by the same name. Her most recent and powerful publication is 9 Day Energy Reset where a person can relax into the abundance of the Universe.

Since 2002, Mona holds the Psychic Arts license through the City of Las Vegas...this specific license involves a criminal background investigation by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. It is the ONLY approved license for intuitive/psychic readers in Clark County, NV. Readers must hold this special license to be legally hired as a psychic entertainer or fortune teller.

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