Custom Business Software

S W Business Solutions, LLC. (SWBS) develops and maintains custom, browser-based, business database applications that exist in the Cloud. We have been developing corporate software solutions since 1988. Our clients include individuals as well as small to medium sized businesses.

When people hear that we create software business solutions, they immediately think of programming. Yes, we program. We also code, design and develop. However, that is the last step of building business solutions.


We start by working with company owners and managers to understand their issues. We learn the work flow and the flow of data throughout the company. We interview the people who actually do the work to learn the fine points of the processes. We design the plan based on those conversations.


Once the plan is approved, we then determine which technologies are needed and start building the software beginning with login and data security. We hold frequent in-process reviews with the client and staff to ensure the software is moving correctly towards the goal.


Today, the Cloud (Internet) is available almost anywhere. Restaurants, coffee shops and shopping malls offer free Wifi. Our clients want to manage their business from wherever they may be; at meetings, at conferences, on vacation, etc.

For that reason, software should reside in the Cloud so important information can be accessed from anywhere at any time using any Internet enabled smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Since we have moved away from old client-server programming, our clients no longer need to invest in expensive servers, networks or workstations. They no longer need to hire expensive IT teams to maintain all of that computer infrastructure. Best of all, the hassle of data security plus backing up and managing your server and your data are now done by secure hosting facilities such as Once your business application is created, you only pay a small monthly fee (as low as $20/month in most cases) for hosting. For more robust installations, a Virtual Private Server costs about $150/month for hosting.

SWBS does not charge ongoing "maintenance" fees or per-seat licenses. Once development is done, the only cost is for hosting ($20-$150 per month) and domain name registration at about $20/year. The client owns their domain name and pays for hosting directly. Our clients are granted a perpetual license to use the software solution. New development is charged separately.

No hardware costs and minimal monthly hosting costs is a Win-Win situation.


We have vast experience in many diverse business environments. Our past solutions include environmental engineering sales and reporting systems, check cashing network balancing, bad check tracking, water treatment engineering sales management, event planning, inventory systems, contact relationship management, project estimating, job costing, referral management, receivables tracking and receivables forecasting among many others.

Several projects have required us to export data from other programs and websites running on mini-computers or PCs. These data have then been imported into our software, audited for data completion and compliance and then merged into a consolidated database for analysis and reporting.

Please call us to set up a meeting so we can learn more about your company and refer you to our clients.

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