My wife, Carole and I have been using Xp3 organic diesel fuel enhancer in a Ford F350 Power Stroke diesel truck for over two years. We also use Xp3 gasoline fuel enhancer in two of our other vehicles and an RV, which has a 5500 ONAN gas generator. We never have any fuel system/injector problems and the performance of all of the vehicles is exceptional! We have peace of mind and confidence.

For every Xp3 fuel enhancer product ordered through our online account, https://FuelConfidence.now.site a percentage of each order is donated to Truckers Against Trafficking. This charity fights human trafficking-300,000 underage girls are sold for sex every year in America-12 to 14 years old is the typical age of a trafficking victim sold into prostitution for the first time-15 times a day, a minor is sold for sex. This has to be stopped! We at Xp3 are doing what we can to end this tragedy.

Xp3 WORLDWIDE, INC., for over 30 years, has been providing these industrial strength, organic, 100% biodegradable fuel enhancers to counter the ineffective, heavily marketed, commercial, petroleum based fuel additives that are dangerous for your engines. If your favorite fuel additive has petroleum distillates listed on the label...you are wasting your money. I will show you why.

Xp3 is 100% Biodegradable and contains only special synthetic resins and organic compounds (with a proprietary patent that has never been duplicated). NO petroleum distillates or fillers! One ounce of Xp3 will treat up to 25 gallons of fuel. One 5oz bottle (works on new cars with the cap-free fuel filler) will treat up to 125 gallons of fuel.

Xp3 has been registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) since 1996. Xp3 is classified as an industrial strength, commercial grade fuel enhancer. Xp3 will not affect new car warranties and has a full product guarantee. Xp3 has superior detergent benefits, breaks down and cleans out soot, deposits, sludge, gums, varnishes and residues. Counters the negative effects of ethanol and bio-blended fuels. Xp3 is the only fuel additive that also acts as a stabilizer for up to five years of storage.

Xp3 Gasoline and Diesel fuel enhancers guarantee the following results: Cleans and maintains costly fuel injectors-Extends engine life up to 25%-Reduces Maintenance costs-Increases power and performance-Reduces toxic emissions up to 60%-Extends life of emission systems-Xp3 disperses water and puts it into a suspension where it is burned more efficiently (a 7 degree temperature difference can cause condensation to form in any partially filled fuel tank).-Improves lubricity in low sulfur-ethanol fuels-Reduces fuel consumption and increases gas/diesel mileage.

For over 30 years, Xp3 fuel enhancers have not only served individuals and their personal internal combustion engines such as their cars, boats (2 stroke & 4 stroke engines), RV-s, Jet Ski-s, ATV-s, emergency generators, drag racers, motorcycles, but also major commercial vehicles and equipment, World Wide.

These World Wide commercial clients include major industrial plants with stationary and mobile diesel and gasoline engines. The companies include Pepsi Cola, Nestle foods, Alcoa Aluminum, and many, many more. Massive diesel engines in ocean-going ships, semi-trucks, locomotives, construction, mining, farming combines, power generation plants, all use Xp3 to protect their expensive equipment, cut toxic emissions, cut fuel costs, lower maintenance expenses and reduce their carbon footprint. If major corporations like these use Xp3 exclusively. Why not you?

Xp3 Corporate has been around for over 30 years, but is not a retail type business. You will not see NASCAR promoting Xp3 to the public. You won't see billboards promoting Xp3 to retail customers. Xp3 is primarily marketed to industrial, commercial-bulk businesses. Yet, individual representatives, such as myself, are proud to share the superior benefits of Xp3 fuel enhancers to friends, boaters, off-road enthusiasts, custom car owners, etc. Any combustion engine.

Because Xp3 works....for everyone.

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