Business Coach

Mark Mraz is an author and trusted value growth advisor to baby boomer business owners. What is a "value growth advisor?"

Most business owners don't know what it is that makes a company valuable.

At Crossing the Goal Partners, I work with baby boomer business owners to build a more valuable business today which means they'll be able to successfully sell their company for a premium tomorrow.

The Happy Exit framework we have developed answers the most important questions a business owner must address:

1.) Am I ready to sell my business?

2.) Is my business ready to be sold?

3.) Do I have the right team to get it sold and enjoy my happy exit?

Build a valuable business that can thrive without you.

*** F A C T S ***

96% of business owners agree an exit strategy is important...

ONLY 13% have a plan that is current and written.

Every business owner will exit their business... either by design or default - you either plan for it or it happens to you.

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