IT - Integrated Technology

Executive Summary 2MP Group is a trusted partner for businesses in the professional services sector, providing a comprehensive technology solutions selection to help them succeed.

Mission Statement To create stable, innovative, and sustainable solutions for our clients, improving their efficiencies and processes.

Core Competencies Services: Management of: Computers, Servers, Networks, Cybersecurity, Remote Desktop, Voice/Telephone

Technologies Used: Cloud Computing, Networking, Virtualization, Storage, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Differentiators We listen to your business requirements, match those requirements, then present the best providers. Instead of offering our favorite solution(s), we find yours. Competitive pricing with an eye for value. Just because the price tag is lowest does not indicate a better value. Our view is to partner with our clients. That means collaboration, empathy, and clear communication must be at the heart of every customer experience. Proven Leadership in both military and corporate environments.

Contact us at: Email:; Phone: 702-518-9665; Website:

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