Robert Bridel, Owner & chief travel advisor, 15 years experience, romance & destination wedding expert

About Fanda Travel...

Robert Bridel founded Forever And Always Travel & Tours (Fanda Travel) in 2006, and is based in Las Vegas, although clients come from throughout the US, benefiting from his personalized professional services. Fanda Travel was founded to provide solo, couple and group travelers with luxurious, dream vacations.

The Mission of Fanda Travel is: to deliver amazing worldwide destinations, remarkable experiences and unique lifelong memories & valuable services before, during and after your trip!

Whether you are traveling solo, as a couple or a group, whether as a romantic escape, multi-gen family trip, a BFF getaway, faith tour or a destination wedding, we will incorporate our expertise with your ideas. We will curate your dream trip, be it a cruise (ocean or river cruise), tour (custom, private or escorted) or beach vacation (exotic island resort, all-inclusive beach resort or luxurious villa). We will research all elements of the trip. We will coordinate everything from flights to transfers, accommodations, excursions and activities. We will also assist with safety requirements and COVID protocols as well as provide travel protection to protect yourselves and your travel investment. We will curate the perfect dream vacation for you and your loved ones.

Our goal is to identify your desires and needs for the perfect vacation!

Fanda Travel is now a member of the Signature Travel Network "Signet", a travel consortia along with Travel Planners international, book a tremendous volume in cruises and tours and command a best-price opportunity for our clients. As a result we can offer many reduced prices and extra amenities. You'll be delighted with great values!


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